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Greetings every body,

As I promised (since an eternity), here is the Update of The Block B , I hope you're satisfied with the result. The graphics are much better than the old one's, and the resources are much more abundant and accomplished.

Don't forget to take a look to the very new and fresh Virtual Library, where some people will be really happy...!

    For those who are here for the first time, I'll just welcome them, and hope they'll find what they need here in my site (as if every thing in here was written down by my own ! ). Briefly, this site is mainly for those who seek materials and resources on the English studies, it's just a massive work of copy/paste, that is to say, it's not my work in here.... I just gathered the data and arranged it in a way that suits to the majority of students here around (I mean Algeria).

    I use to rely on what is given in the Faculty of foreign languages, well there can be some differences between the universities here.

 as I am no more in Bouzeerah  - and I miss it too much :'( -.

    The site is still uncompleted; too much work, neither enough time nor helping hands..... if you think you can help, or have any suggestions or requests or any thing to say just leave some words in the guestbook or send me a message at : white.raven@caramail.com