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Here is the dreamland of many of you... a lot of complete books (electronically spoken), and there is much more on my computer (much more = realy realy a lot), that is to say, I can't set them all on the site because I lack time, space and some how money....!

But if you're intrested just mail me and I can send you what you want, or give me the titles you're lookin' for and I'll try to sniff them out.


Well, here you will find a great set of novels, from all the kinds and for all people who are really intrested, don't thank me, but thank those who did this; the authors, you should buy the books if they're available to support them so they can get rich and have more time to write and creat master peaces (of course if they're still alive).


have fun...!

The Complete works of William Shakespear

Life Of Muhammad      -    by Muhammad Husayn Haykal
(Allah's peace and blessing be upon him)

Edgar Alapoe

The War in Afganistan     - by Noam Chomky
Civil disobediance       -     by Henry David Thoreau
Walden                           -     by Henry David Thoreau
A Rock in the Baltic          - by Robert Barr

The casque of Amontilado - by Washington Irving
The tell tale heart                 -  by Washington Irving
The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - by Washington Irving
The Neuromancer            -         by William Gibson
All tomorrow's parties    -          by William Gibson
Ernest Hemingway


Big two-hearted river          - by E.Hemingway.
GARDEN OF EDEN           - by Ernest Hemingway

Robinson Crusoe - by Daniel Defoe
David Crockett    -
The Great Gatsby    - by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Frank's Campaign    - by Horatio Alger, Jr.
The Call of the wind
 - by Jack London
The devil's dictionnary - by Ambrose Bierce
The Monster Men        - by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Bride of Lamermoor  - by By Sir Walter Scott
A Study in Scarlet    - by Arthur Conan Doyle
The girl who loved Tom Gordon    -    by Stephen King

Short Stories
The Sh
adow on the wall    (PDF format) -    by Marry Wilkins-Freeman
The Dead and the Countess (PDF format) - by Gertrude Atherton
The Evil Eye                         (PDF format) -    by Mary Shelley
The Bride of modern Italy (PDF format) -    by Mary Shelley

Fairy Tales and Fantasy
Japanese Fairy tales
Harry Potter    - by J. K. Rowling

Partners in Crime     -    by Agatha Christie

Science Fiction
Salamander War     by  Charles Carr
In the year 2889     -   by Jules Verne
From the earth to the moon - by Jules Verne
In search of Castaways - by Jules Verne
Black Pits of Louna    - unknown author

History and phylosophy
Analects     -     by Cunfusius
Doctrine of The Mean    -    by Cunfusius
Great Learning
    -    by Cunfusius
Timaeus    -    by Plato

The Epic of Kings- hero tales of ancient Persia - by Firdausi