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ACT IV, Scene 4

Cordelia hears that Lear is wandering about in a deranged state of
mind and is very afraid that grief will kill him. She has sought the
help of a doctor, who advises that the King needs rest and herbs to
help his health. She gives orders to her soldiers that they should
look for Lear and bring him to her.

A messenger enters with news of the movements of the British
army. Cordelia states that the French invasion has only one aim -
to restore Lear to his throne. She explains that she is on a mission
of love, not of conquest.


Cordelia is portrayed is a model of spiritual beauty in her
compassion for her tormented, old father. She has heard about his
deranged state and worries that he may die from grief over his
mistreatment at the hands of her sisters. She herself has totally
forgiven Lear for rejecting her for her guileless nature. She has
come to Britain to heal the King and restore his sanity and power,
not to invade, conquer, or gain power for herself.